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 TGD Life 

Your partner in the next scientific discovery

TGD Life is a Hong Kong-based biotechnology company located at the Hong Kong Science Park, which is adjacent to the tranquil Tolo Harbor at Pak Shek Kok, Shatin.

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About Us

At TGD Life, we aim to harness the contemporary technologies in stem cell research and regenerative medicine to provide you with high-quality and reliable induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-based products as well as R&D services.  We also develop reagents and tools for stem cell- and molecular biology-related applications.  

Our R&D team is comprised of experienced staff members with scientific background in human stem cell, molecular biology and biochemical research, and is backed by renowned academic investigators in stem cell biology, regenerative medicine and molecular genetics.  Let us help accelerate your scientific discovery today!

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Our Edge

  • Human iPSCs are generated under feeder-free, xeno-free and non-genome perturbing conditions, which facilitates the translation of cell products from laboratory to clinical applications.

  • Human iPSCs are characterized at genetic, biochemical and functional levels to ensure their qualities.  Additional characterization services are available for an extra level of quality assurance. 

  • The project format is customizable to match your needs.

  • Our selected molecular biology products are manufactured in ISO 9001- and 13485-certified facilities: performances and qualities are guaranteed.

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R&D Services

  • iPSCs and functional cell generation services on demand.

  • Small molecule chemical/drug screening services in vitro for lead identification and evaluation of cytotoxic/cytoprotective effect.

  • Biological certification/validation of the efficacy of OTC drugs, formulations and health supplements.

  • Ready-to-use iPSCs and their functional differentiated derivatives for research use.

  • Other human cell-based research projects and consultation services.

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Reagents and Tools

We know quality and reliability are what you seriously look for in your selection of reagents.  

It is our mission to provide you with robust reagents and research tools at a competitive price.  Our selected molecular biology reagents are manufactured in ISO 9001- and 13485-certified facilities, and their performances have been extensively tested.

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Get in Touch

Inquiries, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so feel free to reach out today.

TGD Life Company Limited

Units 808-809, Building 15W, Hong Kong Science Park 

15 Science Park West Avenue, Pak Shek Kok, Hong Kong

Phone: +852 2309 3900

Fax: +852 2362 8268

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