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Human iPSCs generated from dermal fibroblasts

TRA-1-60 colony.png

Human iPSC clones are positive for pluripotent stem cell marker TRA-1-60 in immunofluorescence staining experiments.  The cells are also reactive towards a chemical dye that can detect only stem cells.

Dopaminergic neurons generated from human iPSCs

A wC2_2 RGB-p_TGD Life.png

Immunofluorescence staining result:
Green color: Neuron-specific marker β-III-TUBULIN (TUJ1)
Red color: DA neuron-specific marker TYROSINE HYDROXYLASE (TH)
Blue color: Nuclear staining by Hoechst 33324

Cardiomyocytes generated from human iPSCs


Cardiomyocytes that showed rhythmic beating pattern were generated from human iPSCs under serum-free and chemically defined conditions.

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